Each wedding is different and they all require special attention and care to make each video unique to you. No templates, no other editors, and no cheesey graphics and music. If you have a quick question about how things are done, see below, otherwise contact me and I would love to go over everything with you and your partner.

What Packages or films do you provide?

Two beautiful films to choose from to fit your story, and then add-ons via a-la-carte for whatever else you may want. Up to 10 hours of continuous coverage (not final deliverables) is included in each.

Music Video – AKA highlight film. You want to keep your letters and vows private for the two of you, or it terrifies you to read them in the first place (a good terrified hopefully!), or you just want your day is set to music that fits you, the venue, and the ambience of your special day. This is a music only video with all aspects of your day cut together in a simple timeless film.

Story Film – With a combination of music and dialogue, this is the video that brings back all the details of your wedding. Tell your story – how you met, what drives you, why you are the couple you are through your vows, ceremony, and personal letters all in one jam packed video with music, graphics, and even those precious home videos (insta, actual home videos, secret dating videos, etc). Everything about the beauty of your relationship shines through in this carefully crafted heirloom film for your family’s future generations to relive.

A-la-carte includes but is not limited to: same day/night teaser video, drone footage, social media teaser videos (48hr turnaround), 4K footage upgrade, FOMO (fear of missing out) raw footage, timelapse photography, full ceremony film, rehearsal dinner coverage, rehearsal dinner film, full speeches and toasts film, full first dances film, honeymoon video consult and edit, unique story film idea, extra filming days, skip-the-line main video turn around (within two weeks), and more.


It takes typically 6-8 weeks to deliver a final video.

How many hours are you scheduled?

However long it takes! I am typically a part of a wedding day 8-10 hours total, or until I have captured all the footage and angles that I need to create a unique film for you. I think it is utter nonsense to limit my time with you in 6, 8, or 10 hour blocks as the wedding date is booked just for you, no one else. Destination weddings may require additional day costs.


Once we are booked, I'll give your photographer (and other vendors) a call to introduce myself so we are on the same page for your special day. My style of filming is mostly incognito to capture what moments between the moments unfold but we'll do some 'staged' stuff before guests arrive and during cocktail hour. Just be sure to schedule a little longer for photos AND video, since we'll be sharing a time slot. Most photographers and I are pretty aware of one another and usually help out one another to point out a cool shot/angle and take turns.

Do you travel?

Yes, I travel! Local weddings in the Phoenix-metro area are no additional cost. Typically anything outside of three hours of driving will require additional compensation for a hotel stay and food. Flying is totally doable too, I just ask for flight/car travel, baggage, hotel, and food compensation. I do my best to book on Southwest Airlines, which cuts costs significantly (and hello A-List!)


We'll definitely talk about the music genre and style but ultimately that decision is left up to me when I dive into the edit and see how the video feels and is taking shape. I license the music from high-quality sites to make secure rights agreements with the artists. No one here wants to get in trouble with the law later down the road! If you're a composer, let's talk and see how we can work in what you have to make your wedding video even more special.


I use a variety of gear to capture your day. High-quality audio recorders, the best low-light cameras on the market for those awesome evening dance floor moves, and a plethora of support gear like tripods, sliders, and gimbals. Though my style is more handheld (not shakey movie chase scene handheld), a little slow motion filming and a gentle sway can get some pretty incredible shots. No matter the amount of gear or type, I'll use what's best to help serve the moment and story we are trying to tell about your day.

I have another question!

Sure, what else are you looking for? Send me an email via the Contact page and I will get back to you quickly!